Community Information

Board of Directors

The South Wales community is governed by homeowner volunteers, elected to the Board of Directors by the homeowners of South Wales.

Current Members of the Board:
James Ross Foley, President
William Ooten, Secretary
William Warfield, Treasurer
Thomas Gager, Director
Zachary Podrasky, Director

The Board of Directors meets monthly, typically on the second Tuesday of the month at 7:00 p.m. at the Fellowship Hall at Jeffersonton Baptist Church, 18498 Springs Rd, Jeffersonton, VA 22724. All homeowners are welcome to attend. Any changes to the meeting schedule will be emailed to the membership and posted to the website.

Management Company

Cardinal Management Group, Inc. provides professional community management services to the South Wales Community Association.  Contact information for our Community Manager, Bethany Morales, is detailed below:

Bethany Morales, CMCA®
Community Manager
4330 Prince William Pkwy, Suite 201
Woodbridge VA 22192
Email: [email protected]
Direct: 703-565-5017
Main: 703-569-5797

Grounds Committee

Acting Chair – Susan Borrelli

Serving as Chairmen of the Grounds Committee gives us the opportunity to be involved in the community.  Not only is the Grounds Committee important, we need our neighbors who live in South Wales to keep a watchful eye so we can keep our community as clean and nice looking as possible.  South Wales is a wonderful place to live and we encourage everyone to keep your yards nice, our trails and other common areas clean and free of trash and any yard debris. Please contact our Grounds Committee Chairmen if you notice something of concern in any of our common areas which needs attention.

The Grounds Committee’s main duties are:  Walking the trails, to make sure there are no trees down or debris in the trails, making sure that our entrance landscaping is an attractive focal point of our community, and coordinating any maintenance and improvements needed to any of our common areas.  The Grounds Committee also coordinates and reviews the performance of the landscaping contractor to assure that the work is being done properly and in accordance with the landscaping contract.

In order to keep the South Wales neighborhood looking great, please make sure after mowing your grass, clean the grass clippings out of the roads. 

Please do not dump trimming materials and other yard debris in common areas.  Remember yard waste pickup is collected with all regular pickups. 

Please use the Contact Us form to volunteer some of your time to the Grounds Committee.

Neighborhood Watch

Coordinator – “Buddy” Williams

We are fortunate to be living in this wonderful community and we appreciate the efforts of those who help keep it that way. It takes commitment on the part of every household, and the diligence of many volunteers, to maintain an environment that is both beautiful and safe, and we have it here in South Wales.

Our Neighborhood Watch continues to be alert, active and effective. We now have 24 households on the NW Roster. We have had a couple of teams leave the program, but their slots were quickly filled by other volunteers. Those volunteers spend their time looking for suspicious items and activities in our community and often times do other volunteer services not listed in the job description. There are several ways to participate in the Neighborhood Watch program, so if you are willing to help, please use the Contact Us form to volunteer some of your time.

Social Commitee

Chairperson – Susan Borrelli

Please use the Contact Us form if you are interested in volunteering

Covenants Committee

Interim Chairperson – Susan Borrelli

The Covenants Committee meets, as needed to act on Architectural Change Requests and conduct committee business, at 6:45 p.m. on the second Tuesday of the month.  If owners or residents wish to attend a meeting, they should contact the chairman in advance to make sure a meeting will be held that month and to confirm the location of the meeting.

The South Wales Covenants Committee’s purpose is to regulate the appearance, design, and use of properties which may affect the external appearance or value.

The South Wales Covenants Committee’s objective is to preserve and enhance the appearance and value of South Wales properties by ensuring a harmonious relationship among structures, the natural environment and the Declaration.

The South Wales Covenants Committee serves as an architectural review board and regulates, through written approval, the external design, appearance, use, and location on Lots of structures in compliance with the Declaration, as well as any additional guidelines established by the SWCC and approved by the South Wales Community Association.